‘Smut: The Movie’ Coming in 2018, Shooting this Winter!

Arthur Cullipher works on a new creature creation for ‘Smut: The Movie’ (Photo by Jennifer Hellstrom)

Arthur Cullipher (Headless) returns to the director’s chair for a script he’s been writing for the last few years. Brace yourselves for Smut: The Movie! This makeup effects heavy film centers around a lonely man named Blank who works the graveyard shift at an adult bookstore where he discovers a feminine creature he brings home and begins to care for like a lover. Fantasy becomes reality in Smut: The Movie, revealing a great, sinister force at work, not just in Blank’s life, but in our entire perception of reality. Cullipher’s Clockwerk Creature Company is providing all the effects for the film, which is being produced by Cullipher and Scott Schirmer (Found).

Set construction and casting are currently underway, with shooting tentatively scheduled to begin in December. Forbidden Films plans to launch a crowdfunding pre-order for the film early next year to help complete the film, which should be ready for release next summer.

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Set construction begins for ‘Smut: The Movie’ (Photo by James Stroman)