Forbidden Films is a privately owned film production company based in Bloomington, Indiana. The LLC was founded by filmmakers Arthur Cullipher, Scott Schirmer, Leya Taylor, and Shane Beasley for the purpose of developing, producing, marketing, and releasing low-budget genre films.

The company’s first film, Found, co-produced by Damien Wesner and written by Todd Rigney, was released onto the festival circuit in late 2012 at Elvira’s Horror Hunt, where it won Best Feature, Best Actor, and Best Director. The film would eventually screen at 40 different festivals around the world, including The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, L’Etrange Festival in Paris, A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney, Nocturna Film Festival in Madrid, the Phoenix Film Festival, Toronto After Dark, and the New York City Horror Film Festival. The film’s honors include 17 best picture awards, 8 best actor awards, 4 awards for best director, and 2 for special makeup effects. Found has been picked up for distributed in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, New Zeland, Mexico and Australia.

The company’s second film was a direct spin-off of Found entitled Headless. Headless, produced in association with Gentleman Monster Productions, is a brutal slasher film designed to make horror fans nostalgic for the serial killer boom of the late ’70s and early ’80s.  The film was the result of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign funded by fans who wanted to see the ten-minute portion of Headless embedded within Found expanded into a feature film. Headless is now on the festival circuit and is available directly from Forbidden Films on DVD, Blu-ray, and Vimeo-on-Demand.

Forbidden Films also produced The Legend of Wasco, a killer clown movie for Viva Pictures that premiered in RedBox in December, 2015.

The company has several other projects in development with announcements to come! For all the latest news, Visit us on Facebook!

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