Gore-fest ‘Headless’ Now Available on DVD & Blu-ray!


Kaden Miller is 'Skull Boy' in "Headless"

Kaden Miller is ‘Skull Boy’ in “Headless”

Headless, the spin-off of Found, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray at the Forbidden Films Store and Bandit Motion Pictures Store!

In this “lost slasher film from 1978,” a masked killer wages an unrelenting spree of murder, cannibalism, and necrophilia. But when his tortured past comes back to haunt him, he plunges to even greater depths of madness and depravity, consuming the lives of a young woman and those she holds dear.

Headless, produced by Forbidden Films and Gentleman Monster Productions after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, is a spin-off from the award-winning Found. If you’ve seen Found, you’ll remember Headless is a real nasty slasher movie that our young hero, Marty, watches with a friend late one night. You only see about 10 or 15 minutes of Headless in Found, but it makes a dramatic impact on the entire film (and even got Found banned in Australia!) Now this notorious sequence of Found is its own, stand-alone feature film — a love letter to gorehounds, retro-horror enthusiasts, and fans of exploitation cinema.

Arthur Cullipher, special effects supervisor and associate producer on Found, is the director of Headless. Shane Beasley has reprised his role as the “Headless” Killer, and Leya Taylor has returned to frame the bloodshed as director of photography. Nathan Erdel and Kara Erdel came aboard for the mayhem, fresh off a year-long comprehensive film making course under the guidance of Robby Benson at Indiana University. Nathan penned the screenplay and Kara has co-produced Headless with Found director Scott Schirmer.

Monster Pictures releases ‘Found’ in UK & Australia!

Found has been picked up for distribution in the United Kingdom and Australia by horror label Monster Pictures! While the Australian censors have banned parts of the film, Monster Pictures released an edited version (seven minutes shorter than the uncut North American release) on DVD on September 17th. The UK version was released on October 13th with an additional four seconds removed to appease the UK censor board. The edited version is available for purchase at Amazon UK.

The Monster Pictures releases contain special features not available on the North American release, including audio commentary with director Scott Schirmer and author Todd Rigney, commentary with the cast & crew, a gag reel, the 34-minute “Making of Found“, and the complete “Deep Dwellers” short film with optional commentary by effects artist Arthur Cullipher and director of photography Leya Taylor.

Found - UK/Australia cover art