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“A ‘lost slasher film from 1978,’ Headless explores the mind of a masked killer who stalks and kills victims in a small, suburban town. As his madness spirals out of control, the killer’s motivations become clear, consuming the life of a young woman and those she holds dear.”

We at Forbidden Films share 14 years of friendship and a love of genre movies — especially horror movies. In 2012, we collaborated on Found, a coming-of-age horror movie that played at over 40 film festivals around the world and won 15 best feature awards. As Found continues to make an impact with audiences on DVD and VOD worldwide, we have now partnered with our friends at Gentleman Monster Productions to bring hard-core horror fans a wickedly nasty motion picture that is directly inspired by our maiden endeavor… Headless!

If you’ve seen Found, you’ll remember Headless is a real nasty slasher movie that our young hero, Marty, watches with a friend late one night. You only see about 10 or 15 minutes of Headless in Found, but it makes a dramatic impact on the entire film (and even got Found banned in Australia!) Most audiences agree that Headless is one of the best parts of Found, and many people have asked us…. When can we see a feature-length version of Headless? Well, now you’re going to get it. And GOOD.

We’ve approached Headless as though it were an actual artifact from the late 1970s — gritty, grainy, retro, excessive, vile, balls-to-the-wall, and POSITIVELY NO CGI. Something so heinous, it was buried in darkness and only recently has seen the light. It’s going to be a nightmarish fever dream of a slasher flick: by horror fans, for horror fans. And not for the faint of heart.

Arthur Cullipher, special effects supervisor and associate producer on Found, is the director of Headless. Shane Beasley has reprised his role as the “Headless” Killer, and Leya Taylor has returned to frame the bloodshed as director of photography. Nathan Erdel and Kara Erdel came aboard for the mayhem, fresh off a year-long comprehensive film making course under the guidance of Robby Benson at Indiana University. Nathan penned the screenplay for Headless and Kara has co-produced with Found director Scott Schirmer. Magician Johnson is even returning for more pulse-pounding music!

More About the Crew

ARTHUR CULLIPHER (director / editor / special effects artist)
Arthur Cullipher is the owner of the Clockwerk Creature Company, a full service shop that offers a wide range of practical effects, including make-up and appliances, masks, props, creature animatronics, and full body suits. Arthur is a graduate of the Joe Blasco School in Orlando, Florida, where he studied advanced make-up effects and prosthetics. He has more than 15 years of practical experience and has provided special effects for dozens of projects, including the award-winning Found. His directorial efforts include the cult shorts Come, Roses: A Goremance, and The Adipocere Child.

SHANE BEASLEY (actor / special effects artist)
Shane Beasley is an illustrator, lighting technician, actor, musician, and special makeup effects artist based in Bloomington, Indiana. He works regularly with the Clockwerk Creature Company and contributes custom masks to Bloomington’s annual Krampus Parade. In addition to producing and helping with special effects on Found, Shane also appears as the sadistic ‘Headless’ Killer in the movie.

NATHAN ERDEL (screenwriter)
Nathan Erdel is a screenwriter and filmmaker from Portsmouth, Virginia, and is the founder of Gentleman Monster Productions. He is a contributing writer for the horror/sci-fi/fantasy blog Into-The-Dark.com, and is the Screenplay Coordinator for the Diabolique International Film Fest, for which he has served as a member of the selection board for the past three years. Nathan has directed and edited music videos for Andy D, The Necroholics, and, most recently, directed the short horror film Unwelcome featuring Victor Miller (screenwriter of the original Friday the 13th). Nathan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications Production from Indiana University, where he studied film under Robby Benson.

LEYA TAYLOR (director of photography)
Leya Taylor is a videographer and editor based in Bloomington, Indiana. She studied Cinema and Literature at Indiana University and has production-managed numerous independent films, including Roses: A Goremance and Lewis. Leya wrote and starred in the highly successful Guignol play, Bloomington After Midnight and is also one of the principal organizers of the Diabolique International Film Festival, now in its eighth year. In 2012, she co-produced and photographed the award-winning Found.

Scott Schirmer studied film theory and production at Indiana University, where he received grants for film making and achievement in video art. He currently works as a commercial video producer and editor. His feature directorial debut, Found, has won numerous awards at film festivals around the world and is scheduled for wide home video release this Fall. Scott is currently on the steering committee for the Diabolique International Film Festival and will soon be directing a segment of the anthology movie Hellevator Man for executive producers Lony Ruhmann, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, and Michael Biehn.

KARA ERDEL (producer)
Kara Erdel is a writer/producer out of Bloomington, Indiana, and is a co-founder of Gentleman Monster Productions. Currently in development on several short and feature-length film and video projects, Kara most recently served as producer on the set of the horror short Unwelcome (directed by Nathan Erdel). Kara is also a contributor to the horror/sci-fi/fantasy website Into-The-Dark.com, and has recently taken on a position as Volunteer Coordinator at the Diabolique International Film Festival, for which she has served as a member of the steering committee for the past three years.


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